Evaporation Reduction

Water is life


Up to 94% reduction in evaporation

The current water emergency, accentuated by the progressive impact of climate change over the last few decades, is undoubtedly a real threat and therefore a challenge for the international community. Agricultural, agronomic and industrial sectors throughout the world are suffering the direct effects of this irregular climatic influence, in the form of high temperatures, resulting in serious economic losses and inefficiencies in production processes.

These are more than enough reasons to focus our attention on an efficient management and conservation of this precious resource, protecting it from evaporation and the adverse effects of its exposure to the environment.

At Panal Flotante, we are involved in offering optimal solutions for the conservation of water and other liquid resources, in tanks, reservoirs, rafts and all types of water infrastructures aimed at different sectors.

Our modular floating roof systems are specifically designed to mitigate the evaporation of masses of liquids in any type of infrastructure, covering up to 99% of its surface area, thus reducing evaporation by up to 94%.

The combination of its unique design, color and manufacturing material makes Panal Flotante´s systems an effective barrier against the influence of sunlight, curbing the impact of UV rays on the water and protecting it from other relevant factors on evaporation such as wind, (Up to 190 km/h).

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