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The proliferation of algae, noxious weeds & microorganism in water reserves is a recurring problem, which reduces the quality of stagnant water and obstructs drains, pipes, irrigation systems and all types of conduits, apart from posing a high cost in chemical treatments.

As is well known, the development of all types of algae and other photosynthetic organisms is directly linked to their exposure to sunlight, which allows them to generate carbohydrates and oxygen, through photosynthesis, thus allowing their proliferation.

Some algae contain toxic properties that can pose a risk to the flora and fauna in contact with the water, and their control is essential in wastewater treatment plants and drinking water collectors.

Modular floating cover systems represent an effective solution to this problem, blocking the impact of UV rays.

Thanks to an optimal coverage of up to 99% of any water mass´ surface, adapting to all kinds of complex contours and changing water levels, our systems reduce algae growth in a remarkable way. This directly saves on the use of chemicals and considerably improves water quality.

Being its application exclusive for artificial water tanks, the modular floating cover system, works in a parallel way as a deterrent for birds and other animals that could be attracted by the free access to the water.

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