Odor & emissions control

Reduction of harmful emissions and odours

Livestock farming use:

Emissions of harmful gasses such as ammonia and other volatile organic compounds in livestock facilities are today both an environmental problem and a present risk for workers. So much so that all current livestock facilities must abide by the Best Available Techniques - of the European Union Directive 2010/75/EU with regard to the intensive rearing of poultry or pigs.

Our Spheres floating cover, is a fitting solution to ensure compliance to these regulations, which contemplates floating covers conformed by geometric plastic units as a valid compliance method.

The use of floating spheres systems reduces up to 90%, the emission of these type of gasses, as well as offers a remarkable control of odours by creating a barrier between liquid and gas that efficiently prevents the transfer from the manure to the atmosphere.

Our spheres floating cover emission control values have been certified by:

All this, added to minimum operating and maintenance costs, makes this system an economical and highly efficient option.

Industry use:

Industrial activity emits a large quantity of polluting gases into the atmosphere such as hydrogen sulphides, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxides, etc.

Our covers are a highly efficient solution for the reduction these types of noxious gas, since they are able to cover up to 99% of any facility surface and by these means reduce the emission and odour of these gases by a large percentage.

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Studies conducted:

Suez report Alicante University report Emissions Report

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