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The Hexagon system can be installed in all type of artificial water infrastructures: irrigations pools, reservoirs, manure tanks, industrial tanks…

Designed & manufactured in Spain.


The Hexagon system offers:

  • Coverage of any liquid surface, up to 99%
  • Decrease liquid loss through evaporation, up to 94%
  • Harmful emissions reduction, up to 90%
  • Algae & clogging weeds growth reduction
  • Wildlife deterrent, non-natural habitats
  • Heat loss reduction, insulation
  • Odor emissions reduction, up to 90%
  • Protection to UV rays & weathering
  • Chemical & energetic cost reduction

Main advantages:

  • Manufactured in HDPE, water contact approved material
  • Full permeability to rain, hail, snow & frost
  • Simple & quick machinery free installation
  • Automatic distribution on liquid surfaces
  • Self-adjust to liquid level by spreading & stacking
  • Valid for all liquid storage shapes & dimensions
  • Free Access to the liquid
  • 25 to 30 years lifespan
  • No maintenance cost
  • Withstand winds up to 190 km/h
  • Bird Deterrent
  • Fully recyclable material
  • Aeration systems compatible
  • Decrease Ice formation
  • Allow equipment operations through liquid

Tech & transport specs

  • Description: Hexagonal Tiles
  • Dimensions: Diagonal 150mm. and height 70mm.
  • Weight: 85gr.
  • Quantity per m2: 68 units
  • Big Bag (90 cm x 90 cm x 130cm): 116kg.

The modular floating cover system, Hexagon offers a wide range of solutions valid for a large number of productive sectors: industrial, agricultural, livestock, mining … It´s long life span, maintenance-free & fail-safe condition make it an insured investment.

The hexalite system is environmentally friendly. The fully recyclable plastic employed in its manufacturing (HDPE) comes itself largely from recycled sources.


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