Spain is thirsty
The reservoirs are 10 points below the average for the decade

The country's dams are at 59% of their capacity, with minimum values in the Júcar and Segura basins.

Spain is thirsty

A few days ago the Castro Candaz (Lugo) emerged from the waters of the Belesar reservoir. The ancient settlement was exposed after weeks of drought, an unusual event in the always wet Galician winter.
The subsequent rainfall did not alleviate the levels in the Miño-Sil basin to which it belongs, with the dams at 65.7% of their capacity, 20 points below their storage the previous year.

The level at national level is 10 points below the average for the decade and 15 points below that of the last five years. The Guadalquivir, Duero and Tagus reservoirs are the most affected

Source: El Confidencial