How is this technology helping arid regions?
Since its first tests in California, this technique has spread across the globe.

After the success obtained during the drought of 2015 in California, other points of the planet are adopting this technique to avoid evaporation and the appearance of harmful algae in reservoirs.

How is this technology helping arid regions?

There are places in the world that are already suffering severely from the consequences of extreme temperature changes caused by climate change, and are trying to adapt to them.

Each of these black spheres is manufactured in one piece, without caps, using high-density polyethylene (known as HDPE), to which is added another with ultraviolet protectors and algicides and antioxidants; in short, stabilizing and anti-corrosion additives to prevent the effects of ultraviolet radiation on the material, which has a useful life of 25 years.
With them, the coverage of the liquid surface is optimized up to 92% and the evaporation is reduced up to 91%.

Original source: NoticiaGlobal