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We are specialists in plastic injection


Who are we?

We are part of a business group specialized in the injection and blowing of plastic materials, oriented to different industrial sectors at a national and international level, with an experience of more than 60 years.

Panal Flotante is the result of this long business career and extensive experience in the manufacture of plastic components. An innovative modular floating roof system focused, in its conception, on preventing one of the most urgent climatic problems at a global level: drought and gas emissions.

But whose benefits extend to a wide range of sectors:

Agricultural, industrial, petrochemical, mining...

And a long list of applications:

  • Evaporation reduction
  • Odour and Emission Control
  • Thermal insulation
  • Algae and microorganism control

Panal Flotante is the leading floating roof system in the vast Spanish agricultural and industrial market, extending its influence to many countries throughout the European and African continents. There, in countries seriously affected by climate change, projects are being developed to stop drought, preventing evaporation from water reserves.

In this sense, Floating Panal is backed by close collaboration with entities such as SUEZ Advanced Solutions Spain and the University of Alicante, in the implementation, monitoring and analysis of pilot installations.

Our production is entirely located in Villena, Alicante (Spain), an effective enclave due to its proximity to the main Spanish ports (Valencia, Algeciras and Barcelona).

Our Values

Above all, Panal Flotante was born as a commitment to the Spanish agricultural sector and in the face of the current climate situation that affects crops and businesses throughout our country on a daily basis.

From Panal Flotante:

  • We work closely in the development of projects and budgets specifically adapted to our clients.
  • We only provide high quality products and investment in R+D.
  • We support our products with studies in their different applications.
  • We are committed to a long and stable relationship with our clients and collaborators.


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